The World Conference 2013 includes the following symposia:

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Symposium (1):

Symposium (2):
Annemarie Roeper: Reflections on a Global Visionary.
Ellen Fiedler and Michele Kane (Co-Chairs), Presenters: Anne Beneventi, Abbey Cash, Patricia Gatto-Walden, Barbara Mitchell Hutton, Kathi Kearney, Karen Mireau, Marcia Ruff, Linda Silverman, Stephanie Tolan and Noreen Ward.

Symposium (3):
Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults.
James T. Webb, Marianne Kuzujanakis, Rozina Gallaher, Stephen Chou.

Symposium (4):
Allison Hunt, Michelle Black, Brittany Carstens, Sherry K. Bain, Sarka Portesova, Dana Juhova

Symposium (5):
Christine Neville, Stephanie Tolan, Patricia Gatto-Walden, Ellen Fiedler, Michele Kane, Barbara Mitchell Hutton, Shelagh Gallagher, Anne Beneventi, Kathi Kearney, and Linda Silverman.

Symposium (6):
Barbara Gilman (Chair), Presenters: Megan Foley Nicpon, Ed Amend, Sylvia Rimm, Karen Rogers, Kathi Kearney, Linda Silverman, Mike Postma.

Symposium (7):
Teacher and Student Perspectives of Curriculum and Classroom Practices, which Engage Highly Able Students: What Does the Evidence Reveal?
Leonie Kronborg; Margaret Plunkett; Toni Meath.

Symposium (8):
Michele Kane (Chair), Presenters: Janneke Frank, Patricia Gatto-Walden, and Linda Silverman.

Symposium (9):
Leslie Graves and Dorothy Sisk (Co-Chairs), Presenters: Jen Torbeck-Merril, Mary St. George, Lisa Conrad, Carolyn KOTTMEYER.

Symposium (10):
Talent Development of Young Artists with Asperger’s Syndrome.
June Maker (Moderator); Ching-Chih Kuo; Ching-Chen Kuang; Jia-Ling Liang.

Symposium (11):
Bo Andersen, Ole Kyed, Peter Grubert, Annette Ibsen.

Symposium (12):
Bo Andersen, Josephina Lee, Janeke Frank, Leslie Graves.

Symposium (13):
C. June Maker; Abdulkadir Bahar; Sonmi Jo.

Symposium (14):
The Study of Spiritual Pathfinders to Inspire Gifted Students to Make a Difference.
Dorothy A. Sisk; Gillian Ericksson; Kevin Lamoureux; Eunice M. L. Soriano de Alencar.

Symposium (15):
Julia Link Roberts (Moderator), Tim Gott, and three other directors of state residential schools with a focus on science and mathematics.