International Awards 2013

WCGTC Announces 2013 World Conference Awards

In conjunction with the WCGTC biennial conference, the Executive Committee of the World Council presents awards in four different areas of recognition: distinguished service, creativity, research, and leadership. Applications for these awards are submitted to Headquarters, and the Scholarship & Awards Committee assumes the responsibility for the selecting the recipients.

The WCGTC Scholarship & Awards Committee has reviewed the nominations and announced the four World Conference Awards that will be officially presented at the 2013 World Conference in Louisville, including:

(1) The World Council Distinguished Service Award has been awarded to:

(2) The International Creativity Award has been awarded to:

(3) The International Award for Research has been given to:

(4) A. Harry Passow Award for International Leadership in Gifted Education has been awarded to:

These prestigious awards are given to individuals who stand out as exceptional contributors in the field of gifted education. The WCGTC thanks all those members who sent in nominations.

Past Winners

The World Council Distinguished Service Award
1999     Wu-Tien Wu
2003     Barbara Clark
2005     Klaus K. Urban
2009     Edna McMillan
2011     Edna McMillan

The International Creativity Award
1999     Morris Stein
2003     E. Paul Torrance
2005     Donald J. Treffinger
2009     Ken McCluskey
International Award for Research:
No Recipients

A. Harry Passow Award for Leadership in Gifted Education:
1997     E. Paul Torrance
1999     John F. Feldhusen
2005     Joseph Renzulli
2007     James J. Gallagher
2011     Dorothy Sisk

Awards Categories

  • The World Council Distinguished Service Award
The recipient must have made an outstanding contribution to gifted education as reflected in service to the WCGTC and in the furtherance of its purposes over a period of ten years or more.
  • The International Creativity Award

The recipient must have international recognition in the field of creativity and must have made significant contributions to promoting creativity in education.
  • The International Award for Research

The recipient must have international recognition in gifted education and made significant contributions through research in establishing gifted education as a recognized field of study in education, in extending the knowledge base of gifted education, and in improving the practice of gifted education.
  • The A. Harry Passow International Award for Leadership in Gifted Education

The recipient must have international stature as a leader in gifted education—one whose life and work have significantly influenced policy and practices in gifted education or one who has made other outstanding contributions in promoting the cause of gifted education worldwide.

WCGTC Scholarships 2013
 Leslie S. Graves (Chair), Ken McCluskey, Umit Davaslıgil
Scholarship & Awards Committee
In any given conference year, the nominated Scholarship and Awards committee tries to provide some financial assistance to a small number of individuals (dependent on the/ or if there is --an actual, existing balance available in the fund), who may otherwise not be able to attend the conference. Normally this is done through application. After a review of the applicants, and dependent on their statements of need, and other criteria, a small number may be selected and offered one of a number of scholarship types. In this year, the 20th Anniversary World Conference, and a special year, the Scholarship and Awards Committee, in celebration of the International Year of Giftedness and Talent, has attempted to be flexible and to facilitate a once-off (this year only), larger than normal number of recipients .
For 2013, The WCGTC Scholarship & Awards Committee has granted:
(1)  Five World Conference registration scholarships to:
  • Karen Bendelman, Uruguay
  • Matthew Edinger, USA and United Kingdom
  • Soha Elzalabany, Egypt
  • Bishop Noe Nzeyimana, Burundi
  • Laura Swan, New Zealand
The scholarships will cover each recipient’s registration fees for the World Conference, including the preconference workshop day and a Gala Dinner ticket .
(2)  A travel youth scholarship to a high school student of teacher Terry Friedrichs, USA, who will be presenting with him at the conference.
(3)  The S&A Committee and the EC also agreed to award a travel, accommodation and registration scholarship/assistance to:
  • Dr. Prodipta Hore, India

Who will be supporting one of his students, also presenting at the conference.
(4)  The S&A Committee also agreed to provide some additional reduced registration and shared accommodation assistance to the two Edna McMillan Scholarship recipients:
  • Jen Torbeck-Merrill, USA,
  • Mary St. George, New Zealand.
The goal of the scholarships is to make World Conference participation possible for those who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial constraints. The S&A Committee gives thanks to all those who applied for the 2013 World Conference Scholarship(s).
Please note, the ability to facilitate recipients depends largely on membership donations, contributions & participation in any fundraising activities at conference by S&A committee.
Leslie S. Graves- S&A Chair and President Elect